Karen Sheridan

Here is a picture of me.

I look very conservative.

What’s up with that?!  Shelly and Dan probably don’t even recognize this woman!  (Actually I’m duct-taped to the chair.)

But, despite anything Dan and Shelly may say about me, I am delighted to be celebrating the beginning of our 13th year of collaboration!  The first show was Children of a Lesser God in 1998 and we’ve been able to get funding from our Dean’s Office at Oakland University to shadow sign at least 2 plays or musicals every year since.

I am an actress and mime/movement person originally from Chicago who worked initially as a movement coach for the Chicago Theatre of the Deaf (can’t tell you the year or you’ll know how old I am).  They didn’t need much help – Mike Lamitola and Ricky Smith could certainly hold their own!  I went off and studied mime in France for a couple of years and auditioned for the company on my return and did 2 shows with them.

I went to graduate school at the Goodman School of Drama - they were big advocates of shadow signing.  I joined a group called CAST after graduation (Chicagoland Advocates for Signed Theatre).  I started teaching theatre at OU in 1991 and was delighted when in 1998 I was able to meet Shelly and Dan of Terptheatre.  The Dean was so impressed with the turnout for the interpreted performance of Children of a Lesser God that he decided to support the idea of interpreting theatre at Oakland University.  (Maybe I’ll sit down and count the number of shows we’ve done together–next blog.)

Some of my favorite projects with Terptheatre include TranslationsLucky Stiff, Into the Woods, Rock and Roll Lysistrata, The Trojan Women, The Little Prince and The Learned Ladies of Park Avenue, last year.

Bells are Ringing is something I’ve wanted to direct forever

- so funny and romantic and physical.

I hope everyone comes out for it.  And we’re doing it at the Eisenhower Performing Arts Center  - so we have 600 comfy seats to fill.  Let’s make February 12th at 8pm an occasion.

Now I’ll stop typing and hope to do this visually next time.  Here’s a great video showing a rehearsal for The Trojan Women, and the final product on stage. Enjoy!


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

the director of Bells are Ringing

Bells Are Ringing

Saturday, February 12, 2011

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