Photo of Robert Skinner signing in BSL with an image of a report entitled Forging Social Justice

Researcher Seeks Input on Video Interpreting of Police Encounters

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When is it effective to use video interpreting for encounters between Deaf people and the police? Researcher Robert Skinner is seeking input for his ongoing investigation of the these types of interactions. Have an opinion? Email Skinner! From his blog: Do you think video interpreting could be used to report an incident as a witness; […]

A black and white photo of two index fingers forming an intersection.

Interpreting in Police Settings Gets New Resource

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Communication between law enforcement officers and members of the Deaf community remains an important topic internationally. Robert Skinner, a PhD student at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland), has launched a website that will share information related to his research on interpreted interactions between the police and Deaf people. A particular interest of Skinner’s is the use […]

McDougall Presenting at Critical Link

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TerpTheatre founder, Danny McDougall, is heading to Edinburgh, Scotland to present at Critical Link 8—a conference bringing together interpreters and translators in spoken and signed languages. Established in Canada in 1992, Critical Link International is committed to the advancement of interpretation in social, legal, and healthcare settings. “Held every three years, this highly esteemed event […]

These Dollars Make Cents

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My first week in Australia is all about adjusting. The 14 hour time difference is a big part of that – but, I’m also meeting new people, being exposed to a new sign language, and enjoying the differences in every-day things that I’ve come to overlook at home. When I first exchanged US dollars for […]

Danny sitting outside with a lime tree behind him, signing the ASL sign, STUCK

An American, Un-Plugged

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After loads of preparation, I’m finally here in Melbourne! The travel was an adventure of it’s own. I have one suitcase and a backpack for clothes, and two cases of camera equipment. The sensitive equipment went carry-on with me, and a large case of durable equipment was checked with baggage. The cases were really impossible […]

Aussy / NZ Research Trip Begins

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As I type this, I am on a plane, and beginning an astonishing adventure. How This Started In 1980, theatre introduced me to sign language. I was in a production of Runaways, by Elizabeth Swadows, and I played a Deaf character (see photo, above). I had never met a Deaf person, and knew nothing about sign […]

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TerpTheatre Launches Book Project and Website

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For many years, we’ve been told, “TerpTheatre should write a book about theatre interpreting.” Finally, it’s happening! Starting in June, 2013, we’ll begin a two-year research and book project.  Research activities will include: Surveys of interpreters and others around the world Travel to see interpreted performances Filmed interviews with theatre interpreters (and others) Filmed examples […]