TerpTheatre Launches Book Project and Website

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For many years, we’ve been told, “TerpTheatre should write a book about theatre interpreting.” Finally, it’s happening!

Starting in June, 2013, we’ll begin a two-year research and book project.  Research activities will include:

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A special section of TerpTheatre’s website serves as the hub for our research and book project.

  • Surveys of interpreters and others around the world
  • Travel to see interpreted performances
  • Filmed interviews with theatre interpreters (and others)
  • Filmed examples of theatre interpreting techniques

We will incorporate the results of our research into our upcoming book on theatre interpreting.  The book will cover a broad range of topics, and will also include a deep-dive into our own speciality — shadow interpreting for theatre.  Media (video and images) will help to reinforce concepts and techniques included in the text.

The project will offer stipends to students at Madonna University, who will help conduct research, analyze data, and produce customized video for the project. Interested students should contact TerpTheatre by May 24, 2013 using this form.

Students Apply Here Before May 24

 We’re also launching a website dedicated to the project.  The site will serve as our hub for reaching out to interpreters, Deaf people, theatre personnel and others who are involved in providing interpreters on stage – or, who are involved in blended Deaf/hearing casts.  We’ll track our progress over the next two years in the blog portion of the book project website (see “Book Blog” in our menu at the top of the page), and on Facebook and Twitter (see links at right).

We haven’t written a book about theatre interpreting in the past, because we were only able to represent our own approach and opinions.  Now, we’re able to provide a broader perspective on the subject, and to conduct first-ever research into the science and art of interpreting on stage. This is possible because of a recent award from Madonna University, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

See Madonna University’s Announcement

Are you a theatre interpreter?  Do you know about a great theatre that blends Deaf and hearing casts?  If so, let us know!  Use our contact form to reach us.  We’ll include you in notifications about surveys and the progress we make over the next two years.

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About TerpTheatre

In addition to performance interpreting, TerpTheatre offers consulting services and training. While TerpTheatre’s team members have worked in a variety of sign language interpreting settings, our specialty is shadow interpreting on stage. Shadowed interpreters are placed on-stage with actors, and move throughout the stage space so that audience members can see the actor and understand dialogue at the same time. Since 1987, members of TerpTheatre have partnered with professional and community theatres throughout Michigan. In this unique approach, interpreters compliment the performance, and Deaf patrons participate more fully.  For more, see terptheatre.com.

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  1. Charlene Edelson says:

    I am inspired every time I attend one of your performances.

  2. Danny says:

    Our heartfelt thanks, Charlene!